Camera, Laptop, and What Else?

2010 February 20
by Shane Landrum

I’ve just posted the full version of my talk for the Past’s Digital Presence conference at Yale this weekend, titled “Camera, laptop, and what else?:
 Hacking better tools for the short archival research trip.” It’s an expansion of some ideas I’ve posted here before. If you’re interested in the software tools I describe, stay tuned; I’ll be posting them on GitHub within the next few days. [Update, 2/22: I’ve just uploaded the basic versions at GitHub as diy-archives-tools; here’s the README file. For now, you’ll need to know how to use Git to pick up a copy, until I have time to package the scripts properly.]

New readers may be interested in my posts on mapping rural midwives over time or tagging and filing. For some of the conclusions I’ve been able to reach from this research, read my post on 19th-century juvenile offenders and the problem of age proof.

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  1. February 23, 2010

    Hi Shane,

    I just wanted to say I was THRILLED to hear your talk at the PDP conference on Saturday. I had a couple of questions but I’ll see if reading your paper will clear them up. Anyway, I wanted you to know I blew off several other engagements to make your talk, and it was well worth it. I feel much better equipped to undertake my great foray into the archives at Venice this summer. SO nice to find an academic who is not downright afraid of discussing the nuts and bolts issues which attend our efforts. Bravo!

    Grazie Tanto,
    Justine Walden
    Graduate Student, History and Renaissance Studies, Yale


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