Big Berks preview

2011 June 9
by Shane Landrum

I’m looking forward to this week’s 15th Berkshire Conference on the History of Women; it’ll be my first time attending. Tenured Radical and Knitting Clio have already covered the conference’s unique culture; I hope to post later today about some of the sessions I plan to attend. In the meantime:

  • I’ve created a publicly-editable Google Map of the Amherst-Northampton area. Add your own locations to it if you wish.
  • Check out Twitter hashtags #bigberks and #Berks2011 for live-tweeted coverage of events. The official conference account is @BerksConference. I’ll be tweeting from as many sessions as I can; it’s a good way to share the conference with those who can’t attend (or can’t be in 3 sessions at once, given the wealth of interesting programming.)
  • Thanks to the work of Penny Richards, I’ll be distributing flyers about WikiProject Women’s History and how you can get involved. They’ll be at the Digital History Lab (Friday, 10-2, 2604 Du Bois Library) and elsewhere. If you’d like a stack of your own to distribute, find me or print some yourself.
  • I’ll be staffing the Committee on LGBT History table in the book exhibit on Saturday during the lunch hour. Come say hi and learn how you can get involved! CLGBTH is a great group of people (despite the unwieldy acronym).
  • Finally, I’ll be presenting in a state-of-the-field roundtable, “New Approaches to Transgender History/ies,” Saturday at 3:30 in the Cape Cod Room. (I’ll be sharing some of my work on the history of birth certificate amendment for transgender people in the US; I’ll also be talking about how digital methods are changing what we can know about transgender people in the past.) Although I originally organized the session with a much larger group of presenters, I think the range of topics will spark some interesting conversations. I hope to see you there.

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