Curriculum Vitae

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Shane Landrum

Brandeis University MS 036
415 South Street, Waltham MA 02454
srl (at) cliotropic dot org /


Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
Ph.D. in American History expected May 2012

Dissertation: “Documenting Citizens: Birth Certificates and American Identities, 1890-present” (Advisor: Michael Willrich, Second Reader: Jacqueline Jones)

Joint M.A., Women’s and Gender Studies and American History, 2007

Thesis: “’In Los Alamos, I feel like I’m a real citizen’: Black atomic scientists, education, and citizenship, 1945-1960” (Advisor: Jacqueline Jones, Second Reader: Claudia Castañeda)

General examinations passed with distinction, December 2006

Smith College, Northampton, MA
B.A. cum laude, American Studies and Computer Science, 1998

Highest Honors for thesis “’More Firmly Based Today’: Academic Freedom, Anticommunism, and Smith College, 1947-1956” (Advisor: Daniel Horowitz)

Scholarly Interests

United States legal/political/social history

History of women, gender, and sexuality

History of public health and technology

Digital historical methods



History of American Civilization to 1877, Simmons College, fall 2010

Guest Lecturer:

“Constructing American Birth Certificates,” CHUM 360 (Social Life of the Modern Fact), Wesleyan University, November 2, 2011

Syllabi in Development:

Sexualities in United States History

Exploring Digital History

Making Modern America, 1890-1929

History of Women and Gender in the US, 1607-present

Law and Public Health in the US, 1700-present

Reinventing and Documenting Identities (first-year interdisciplinary seminar)

United States history survey, 1865-present

Teaching Fellow:

American Legal History II (Michael Willrich), spring 2006, spring 2008

American Legal History I (Michael Willrich), fall 2007

State and Society in Early Modern Europe (Govind Sreenivasan), spring 2007

American Revolution (David Hackett Fischer), fall 2005

Writing Instructor, Latinos in the US: Transnational Identities (Silvia Arrom), fall 2006

Honors Thesis Graduate Mentor, Brandeis Women’s and Gender Studies Program, spring 2008


Mellon Dissertation Year Fellowship, Brandeis University, 2009-2010

Policy History Conference Hugh Davis Graham Award, 2008

Smithsonian Institution/National Museum of American History Lemelson Center Fellowship, 2008

New England Regional Fellowship Consortium Fellowship, 2008

Gilder Lehrman Institute for American History Dissertation Fellowship, 2008

American Historical Association Beveridge Travel Grant, 2008

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Foundation Travel Grant, 2008

Brandeis University Provost’s Dissertation Research Grant, 2008

Izak Kazes Prize in Women’s Studies, Brandeis University, 2007

Rose and Irving Crown Fellowship, Brandeis University, fall 2004-spring 2008

Eleanor Flexner Prize, Program in American Studies, Smith College, May 1998


“From Family Bibles to Birth Certificates: Documenting American Identities, 1840 to the Present,” Kathleen Neils Conzen and Her Legacy, Newberry Library, Chicago, January 5, 2012

Session organizer and chair for experimental-format session “Crowdsourcing History: Collaborative Online Transcription and Archives,” American Historical Association annual meeting, Chicago, Illinois, January 2012;

“Transgender People and Their Birth Certificates in US History: New Research Using Digital Methods,” comments and roundtable organizer for “New Approaches to Transgender History/ies,” 2011 Berkshire Conference on the History of Women, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, June 9-12, 2011

“Constructed Citizens: Adoptees, Transsexuals, and the Law of Birth Certificates in the United States since 1949,” Committee on LGBT History/American Historical Association annual meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, January 6-9, 2011

“Birth Certificates and American Identities in the 20th Century,” Cornell University Department of History, November 16, 2010

Accepted presenter/participant for THATCamp New England (digital humanities unconference), Wentworth Institute of Technology, November 13-14, 2010

“Registering Race, Policing Citizenship: Delayed Birth Registration and the Virginia Racial Integrity Act, 1924-1975,” Policy History Conference, June 3-6, 2010, Columbus, Ohio;

“Camera, laptop, and what else?: Hacking better tools for the short archival research trip,” panel paper for “The Past’s Digital Presence: Database, Archive, and Knowledge Work in the Humanities,” Yale University, February 19-20, 2010;

“Undocumented Citizens: the Crisis of US Birth Certificates, 1940-1945,” paper and panel organizer for “Identity Documentation and the Modern Western State,” American Historical Association annual meeting, San Diego, California, January 8-10, 2010;

“From Family Bibles to Birth Certificates,” New England Historic Genealogical Society, June 13, 2009

“The State’s ‘big family Bible’: Birth Certificates and American Identities, 1890-present,” Brown-bag lunch talk, Massachusetts Historical Society, January 21, 2009

“Birth mothers and artificial fathers: bastardy, technology, and American law,” Sex/Changes: Historical Transformations of Sex, Gender, and Sexualities, New England American Studies Association, November 2007

“Separating ‘sex’ from ‘gender identity or expression’: Promises and Perils,” Boston Graduate Consortium in Women’s Studies annual conference, March 2007

“’In Los Alamos, I feel like I’m a real citizen’: Black atomic scientists and geographic mobility, 1945-1960,” 8th Annual Women’s and Gender History Graduate Conference, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, March 2006; American History Graduate Conference, Brandeis University, May 2007

“Gay History, Legal Reform, and Transgender Citizenship,” Dangerous Desires Conference, Sarah Lawrence College, March 2006

“Redefining Academic Freedom: Smith College and Anti-communism,” Homeland Insecurity: Civil Liberties, Repression, and Citizenship in the 1950s, Smith College, January 2003


Brandeis University student-organized history dissertation workshop, fall 2011

THATCamp New England (digital humanities unconference), November 2010

Harvard University 19th century US history dissertation workshop, fall 2008-present

Institute for Constitutional Studies Summer Seminar on Citizenship (leaders: Linda Kerber and Gerhard Casper), June 2009

Graduate Consortium in Women’s Studies dissertation seminar (leader: Erica Harth), academic years 2007-8 and 2008-9


Invited participant for conference on “Research Libraries in the Digital Age: Needs and Opportunities,” American Antiquarian Society, January 13-14, 2012

Application reader for Mellon-funded travel fellowships, THATCamp New England (digital humanities unconference), Brandeis University, fall 2011

Founder and occasional contributor, WikiProject Women’s History (improving Wikipedia),

Founder, Digital Humanities in Boston and Beyond (regional scholarly blog),

Co-presenter, Brandeis Women’s and Gender Studies workshop on applying for graduate research grants and fellowships, October 2009

Assistant to Program Committee Chair (Jane Kamensky), American Historical Association 2010 Annual Meeting, summer 2008-summer 2009

Graduate Conference Co-Chair, Boston Graduate Consortium in Women’s Studies, 2007-2008

Graduate Student Liaison, Brandeis Women’s and Gender Studies, fall 2006-spring 2008


Native speaker of English; reading knowledge of French, Spanish, and classical Latin

Digital Humanities:

Languages: Python, Perl, Java, Applescript, bash shell, Ruby

Software/Frameworks: WordPress, Omeka, Zope, LAMP systems, XML, ImageMagick, WebCT

Professional Web Software Engineer, 1998-2004, summer 2006

Experience with technical team leadership, requirements gathering, and project planning


Organization of American Historians

American Historical Association

American Society for Legal History

Committee on GLBT History

American Studies Association

National Women’s Studies Association

American Association of University Professors

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