Selected Conference Papers and Talks

(Please note that these are only the talks I’ve put online; a full list of papers and talks I’ve given is in my CV.)

  • Transgender people and their birth certificates in US history: new research using digital methods, prepared remarks for roundtable “New Approaches to Transgender History/ies,” 15th Berkshire Conference on the History of Women, June 2012. (Abstract available at; please contact me via email for the full text.)
  • Registering Race, Policing Citizenship: Delayed Birth Registration and the Virginia Racial Integrity Act, 1924-1975, 2010 Policy History Conference, Columbus, Ohio. (Full text hosted at
  • “Undocumented Citizens: 
The Crisis of U.S. Birth Certificates, 1940-1945″, panel talk for Identity Documentation and the Modern Western State, American Historical Association 2010 Annual Meeting, San Diego, California.
  • “Camera, Laptop, and What Else? Hacking better tools for the short archival research trip,” panel talk for “How-To Digital Humanities,” February 20, 2010, The Past’s Digital Presence, Yale University.