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Copyright Issues

The items on this site are drawn from archival and published materials which are available to the general public (if you know where to find them.) I publish them here as a service to other researchers and educators, for personal scholarly and educational use only.

Published materials

All published materials on this site are believed to be out of copyright. Many were published over 72 years ago, making them generally public domain.

State government publications today vary in their copyright status, but early 20th century state publications, which I reproduce here, are generally public domain.

Others were originally published by the US Government Printing Office. Although not all GPO-published works today are in the public domain, since some were created by government contractors, the GPO works I reproduce here generally date before 1945, and I believe them to be free of copyright encumbrances.

Manuscript and other unpublished materials

Most of the manuscript and unpublished materials here are held by various facilities of the National Archives and Records Administration.

The vast majority of images here were taken with my personal camera. In making them available, I have generally followed the guidelines of 36 CFR Part 1254, Title 36, Subpart C and Subpart D. Each item held by a NARA facility has a rights statement in compliance with § 1254.96.

I do not claim copyright to any of the original materials published here. More specifically:

  • The vast majority of the documents here were produced by employees of the US federal government in the course of their official duties. As I understand it, this means that they're in the public domain.
  • Correspondence addressed to US government employees technically falls under the usual rules for unpublished manuscripts, which is that the author (or his/her estate) retains copyright for the author's lifetime plus 70 years. In practice, these items form part of US official government records and aren't particularly likely targets for copyright claims (especially since most of the items I'm interested in were written before 1950.)

I have not reproduced any archival materials here which are held by private libraries that require a permission–to–cite-or-publish form as a condition of research.

If you believe that you have a legitimate copyright claim to one of the items on this website and wish it to be removed, please contact me.

Other site text and content

Creative Commons License Unless otherwise noted, all textual descriptions of archival material on this website are my own original work and are licensed to you under a CC-BY-NC license. To negotiate other licensing terms, please contact me directly.